Questions for Candidates

For both the local and European elections, we have developed some critical questions which we believe are important to put towards your candidates running at both local and European Level – please find them below:

Our proposed questions to ask your local election candidates

  1. How will they support the decarbonisation of our economy locally?
  2. What will they do to support the retention of more women in the workplace?
  3. How will they improve their local government’s budget?
  4. Which of their policies has the best chance of attracting EU funding to the area?
  5. How will they ensure better value for money in your Local Authority’s procurement process?
  6. How will the National Development Plan impact on your local area?

Our proposed questions to ask your European election candidates

  1. What should the EU do to support investment in our cities and regions?
  2. What more can the EU do to support Irish exporters?
  3. What is your view on EU action on taxation?
  4. How can the EU support innovation and the digital economy?
  5. What role does the EU have in supporting business to adapt to the circular economy?

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