Customs and Trade Facilitation

Chambers Ireland maintains representation on the Eurochambres Customs Committee and the International Chambers of Commerce Certificate of Origin Committee

Chambers Ireland represents the interests of the Irish Chamber Network and its members by highlighting any problems companies experience when importing and exporting outside of the EU. For example, should a country introduce new Customs procedures that would be unduly burdensome on exporters, we would then raise the issue with our colleagues in the ICC and in Eurochambres who can then liaise on our behalf with the Market Access Team in DG Trade and with the broader international Embassy network.

Through our membership of the Eurochambres Customs Committee and the International Chambers of Commerce Certificate of Origin Committee, we have lobbied extensively to promote the acceptance of Irish electronic Certificates of Origin by Customs authorities internationally; particularly throughout the Gulf States. This is of great importance for many Irish exporters who have experienced difficulties and supply chain disruption due to inconsistent application of trade regulations at the borders of their destination countries.

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