In achieving our policy goals, Chambers Ireland has secured representation on a number of external boards where we push the interests of our members and highlight challenges to businesses. The list below outlines the key forums in which we are currently represented:

National Economic and Social Council (NESC)Nominated by the Taoiseach for representation on NESC’s Business and Employment Organisation Pillar, we advise the Taoiseach on strategic economic policy issues related to Ireland’s sustainable development.

National Competitiveness Council (NCC): Through our role as council members of the NCC, we work to promote Ireland’s national competitiveness which provides Ireland’s people a better quality of life through increased employment, productivity gains and raising income. Our work with the NCC is furthermore important for Irish exporters, as these depend on a high level of competitiveness to thrive.

High Level Group on Business Regulation (HLG): As a member of the HLG, Chambers Ireland assists Government in identifying, reducing and simplifying administrative burdens placed on businesses through regulation. In this way, our representation contributes to reducing red tape and making it easier to do business in Ireland.

Advisory Group on Small Business (AGSB): Chaired by the Minister for Business and Employment, the objective of the AGSB is to provide policy advice to Government on key issues affecting the SME sector. Through our membership of this group, Chambers Ireland engages in regular dialogue with the Minister which presents us an opportunity to further enhance growth of SMEs by ensuring that due consideration is given to the SME sector’s importance in key policy decisions such as the Action Plan for Jobs and the annual budget.

Office of Government Procurement: We are represented on the SMEs Working Group on Public Procurement. Through this working group Chambers Ireland engages in regular contact with Government to ensure that SMEs can access public procurement contracts.

Retail Consultation Forum: Established in 2014, the Retail Consultation Forum provides a platform for discussing key issues relevant to the retail sector. As a representative on the Forum, Chambers Ireland interacts with Government to identify actions which can be taken to support the retail sector in the annual budget and the Action Plan for Jobs.

Working Group on Retail and Town Centre Revival: The Retail Consultation Forum agreed to establish a working group to focus on retail and town centre revival. This group is run by Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Employment, with representatives from Local Government and business representative organisations working together to discuss best practice in town centre management and local economic development and to propose ways to improve towns and villages across Ireland.

Dept of Taoiseach Group on Brexit: Chambers Ireland is a member of a stakeholder group formed bythe Department of the Taoiseach in 2015 to update participants on developments on a possible British exit from the EU or potential changes in Britain’s relationship with the EU.

CSR Stakeholder Forum: Chambers Ireland is amember of the CSR Stakeholder Forum. The Forum was established in 2014 to drive the National Plan on CSR objectives. Chambers Ireland participates in the Forum along with other representatives from the business sector, key Government Departments and Agencies, and the wider community.

Troika SME Contact Group: Chambers Ireland represented the Chamber Network during meetings with Troika representatives on their third post-programme surveillance mission. Chambers Ireland raised and discussed access to finance for SMEs and financing conditions in the construction sector. Stressed rising rental and building costs as issues.

European Commission Monitoring Mission Contact Group: Chambers Ireland was a member of the contact group for the European Commission group visit to Dublin to investigate current competitiveness challenges and opportunities facing business and enterprises in Ireland. This visit was done in the context of the European Semester – a framework forming part of the EU’s annual cycle of economic policy guidance and surveillance under the Europe 2020 strategy for growth and jobs. As a member of this group we met with the Commission delegation to provide input as to some of the key areas where improvements could be made to ensure sustainable economic growth.

European Economic and Social Committee (EESC): Chambers Ireland is represented on the Employers Group of the EESC, a consultative body of the European Union that gives representatives of Europe’s socio-occupational interest groups and others a formal platform to express their points of views on EU issues. Our representation on the EESC ensures that the voice of the Irish Chamber Network and the Irish business community is represented in discussions that play a role in the EU decision-making process.

DJEI Prompt Payment Committee
Chambers Ireland was a founder member of the Departmental Prompt Payment Committee to advocate for the need for an improved system to encourage quicker payments. The work of this committee brought about the development of the Prompt Payment Code and the online resource, the Prompt Payment Portal, which you can access by clicking here.

Skillnet Ireland
Skillnet Ireland actively supports and works with businesses in Ireland to address their current and future skills needs. Chambers Ireland is represented on the Skillnet Ireland Board to represent the business perspective and employer needs and the skills needed to maintain businesses and protect jobs as well as the enhancement of new skills to create jobs.

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