Jonathan Baxter

Jonathan is the communications, media and digital lead at Chambers Ireland. He is the main contact for media enquiries, assists in communicating the policy positions of the organisation, manages social media and website content, and supports the delivery of publications and events.

Previously, Jonathan was the B2B communications lead and special projects manager at Uniphar Group, a pharmaceutical and healthcare services company. He also worked at University College Dublin where he issued news stories and published social media content as part of the university’s digital-first reputation strategy. He started his career as a journalist at Village magazine.

Twice a graduate of UCD, he holds a master’s degree in media and international conflict and an undergraduate degree in sociology and history. Outside of work, he reads regularly, runs less regularly, and loves learning about the history of his hometown of Dublin. He also recommends that you immediately buy and read Dead as Doornails by Anthony Cronin.

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