Over the past few years, housing has dominated discussions across Ireland. Housing and the issues surrounding it have manifested into a crisis which has become one of the biggest challenges for Irish society and the economy. The intensity and complexity of housing has been identified as a risk for business.

The under-supply of affordable housing is particularly harmful to business through the increased cost of living having an impact on wage pressures, businesses’ ability to attract appropriately skilled workers and high rental costs for companies located in urban areas. Not only is this a threat to Ireland’s competitiveness, but will impact our future economic growth.

Chambers Ireland will work over the next year with government to make sure that we secure sufficient and affordable housing for citizens and business.

 Our priorities:

  • Engage with government to ensure that an adequate supply of affordable housing is secured nationwide
  • Advocate for the introduction of measures that support an increase in development on brownfield sites with appropriate density for sustainable economic growth

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