Skills Gap & Future Jobs

Skills and labour shortages are a challenge being experienced right across the EU and Ireland is no different. Technological change is a major driver of economic growth but can also contribute to the displacement of traditional jobs and industries. We believe that investment in life-long training and education will go a long way in addressing emerging skills gaps and jobs displacement.

We must also look at labour activation in a more focused way during the year ahead. In our Budget 2019 submission, we highlighted that more could be done to boost productivity in the economy if Government took steps to enable and support more women to enter (in many case re-enter) the work-place.

Our Priorities:

  • Support increased investment in affordable and accessible childcare as a measure to support greater labour market participation
  • Support the communication and encouragement of new upskilling opportunities to the Irish workforce and facilitate a greater dialogue on upskilling between employers and employees
  • Encourage investment in training and education in addressing current and future skills gaps in the Irish labour market

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