BrightHR is brought to you by Peninsula Ireland. 

BrightHR’s smart software lets you manage your HR in one place, all from your desktop and mobile, so you can reduce the time you spend on staff admin and focus on growing your business.

You can log sickness and lateness at the click of a button, manage holiday calculations and requests on the go, create shifts and rotas in seconds, and store documents securely with unlimited storage.

You also get two additional exclusive mobile apps. Blip lets your staff clock in and out using just their mobiles, and PoP lets you track employee expenses and approve requests with a simple swipe.

Plus, BrightHR is here to help you get back to business after the COVID-19 crisis. Use our new back to work navigator to help you reopen your business quickly and safely.

So it’s time to say goodbye to piles of paperwork and long-winded HR processes. BrightHR is here to champion your small business and transform your people management today—the Bright way.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR FREE DEMO of BrightHR now or call on 1800 279 841 to speak to the Bright team.

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