Documents Required

A company does not need to be a member of a Chamber to procure a Certificate of Origin, however they are required to register with the Chamber before any documentation can be certified. 

Your local Chamber will require the following information:

A Letter of Indemnity 
An undertaking of indemnification is needed with respect to the information provided by company – this must be renewed at least every 2 years
The applicant company agrees to abide by standard rules and indemnifies the chamber against inaccuracy of documents or misleading information
An indemnity form must be completed on the company’s headed notepaper and it must be signed by an authorised officer or legal representative of the company. 

List of Authorised Signatories
The applicant company should advise chamber (by letter on headed notepaper) of the names of staff members who will be authorised to sign applications for Certificates of Origin.  The applicant company should keep chamber updated as to any changes in authorized signatories. 

Certificate of Incorporation
Chambers can only certify documentation for companies that have a registered office in the Republic of Ireland. A Chamber may request evidence of incorporation from the applicant company. 

For further information on applying for Certificates of Origin, contact your local Chamber.

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