About Peninsula

Peninsula helps more small and medium sized business across Ireland than anyone else, with high quality professional services in employment law, HR, health and safety and a range of other areas. Additionally, Peninsula works closely with Chambers throughout Ireland and with Chambers Ireland as a subject matter expert on its Employment, Workplace and Skills Policy Council.

How does it help businesses?

  • 24-hour a day, 365-days a year advice line
  • An insurance policy against the negative financial costs of resisting a claim in the Labour Court, Employment Appeals Tribunal or Workplace Relations Commission as well as an insurance policy against having to pay possible unfair dismissal awards that can be made against the employer
  • Continuous updates on new EU and Government legislation in the area of HR
  • A full consultation service providing staff contracts of employment, employee handbooks for all staff, employers’ reference manuals and all recording documentation, as well as full training for the nominated users of the system
  • Management control systems
  • Employment contracts and handbooks
  • Recording and documentation systems
  • Legislation updates
  • Employee Assistance Programme for your employees

Peninsula understands that it can be difficult for business owners and employers to keep up with legislation. For example, do you know the latest Employment Law updates? Are you sure you’re meeting your Health & Safety responsibilities?

Peninsula’s primary objective is the prevention of problems in the HRM area, including breaking down and explaining the often difficult-to-understand world of employment legislation and business protection. This includes HR, health and safety and employee wellbeing. Specialist consultants ensure all the necessary systems and procedures are put in place to prevent you getting into difficulty. We have a proven approach to protect you, your livelihood and your business.

If problems do arise we are available 24/7 with practical advice to get you out of trouble as quickly as possible.

New employment legislation, contractual requirements and case law precedents are being introduced frequently, and employers are expected to implement them immediately. Peninsula can give your business a safer, more certain future by cutting through the bureaucracy and red tape that surround personnel and employment law. Experienced teams will review your position and produce all of the documentation for a professional HR Management System, including management and employee handbooks to ensure that the organisation’s rules and procedures are available to all. Terms and conditions are kept up-to-date to suit our member’s needs and to take account of changes in legislation.

All advice given through the service is supported by an insurance indemnity, protecting your business against legal costs defending employment legislation claims and most unfair dismissal and unlawful discrimination awards.

Other Tailored Products

Small Business HR

  • Graphipedia: A complete reference guide to employment law which is updated twice per year
  • 24/7 Online Access for one user
  • Employment Law guidelines, previous case references, updates & practical steps.
  • Free place on employment law workshop
  • Monthly HR e-zine
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Employee Handbook
  • One year term
  • Less than the cost of a HR consult for one day

Health & Safety

  • An Evaluation of Your Premises and Undertakings
  • The Preparation of a General Health and Safety Statement
  • Risk Assessments
  • Assistance with the carrying out of an emergency/accident investigation
  • Liaison with the Health and Safety Authority
  • Insurance that will cover the cost of defending against prosecution or action
  • Access to 24 hour consultancy expertise and advice
  • Amendments to documentation should there be any change in health and safety law
  • The replenishment of all working documents

For more information contact Chambers Ireland directly by email or by the following telephone number: 1 400 4300

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